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Fixing the crappy snare

Volca Beats is a nice little drum machine, but not without it's imperfections. The most annoying thing is agreed to be the sound of the snare which is luckily can be easily fixed by soldering one capacitor. You can find a lot of info by searching the web for Volca Beats 104 in C78 mod which mostly tell give you the same instructions: locate c78 soldering pads (which are for some reason don't have any component) and solder a 104 ceramic capacitor there. There are some discussions on which exact capacitor to use usually saying that caps for higher voltages sound better, and some people prefer 105 cap over 104. I wanted to try different caps myself and maybe having a switch between original and modded snare, so instead of soldering capacitor directly to the board i decided to solder 2 wires with female contacts instead. That was not a good decision, as soldering pads are tiny (they are intended for smd component) and quite fragile and my soldering skills were not so good at that moment. I endded up with damaged soldering points.

damaged C78 soldering pads

Fixing the messed up crappy snare mod

Luckily there are alternative ways to make this mod.